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Are my order's deliverability and pill quality guaranteed by The ModaMike Guarantee?



  • Brad Wagner

    Can someone please get back to me. My original order was on Nov. 30th and I still don't have my order or a refund. I keep getting the run around from the support ticket and all I do is wait and wait and wait with no reships or refunds that were promised and promised. I would just like a refund and move on.

  • JD McKinnon

    I would like to make an order. I can't figure out how to do it.

  • jgbt


    I'm worried I'm seeing the same behavior. Order made april 07 2021 and shipment tracking was magically "lost" / stopped getting tracking updates in between countries almost immediately after shipment.

    I've asked for a refund and no response from Justine within the past few days.

    I'm going to speculate that either there's some kinda scam going on or this is how they treat certain customers in NA.

    It's unfortunate, I can't really recommend this service any more if this is the way (especially new) customers are going to be treated.


  • jgbt

    Update: Marina from support has graciously issued a refund for my order as of this morning.

    Presuming that works as intended it seems we indeed are being acknowledged as customers and buymoda is respecting their refund policy :)

  • Sartorius

    This site is a scam. I'm convinced. Over 5 weeks since my order! Keep messaging them and get the same generic response (I think these ticket systems are 'Bot generated- unlikely there is a real person processing the queries)  

    They have taken my money, no service, no communication- yet the keep spamming with emails about random offers! 

  • Becky krueger

    Not a scam! Use your tracking number. My orders always took abt a month. I have a order out right now it's been in France since June 8 no movement in a week, it's normal no worries. This is a good company they'll work it out with you eventually!

  • Sartorius

    These guys are actually criminals! 

    They have taken my money, refuse to reply to any of my emails, refuse to give me my tracking number! over 5 weeks now! 

    criminal scams! 

  • Isa

    Same here - no replies to my emails, no responses at all in over a week. No tracking number issued. Told my order was shipped but with no proof. Caused me so much stress. Will spread my terrible experience on review pages on reddit and further. Really disappointed in what was once a great service. 

  • Ryan Smith

    My refund was issused more than a month ago. I still have not received anything :(

  • Ja McCoy

    Placed an order in July 21. Was given a bogus tracking number. STILL have not received the guaranteed refund. Long time customer who is thoroughly disgusted with this service. Suspecting site is no longer on the up and up. Very disappointed.

  • Carol Benson

    I received an email that not honor this
    Can you tell me why, thanks


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