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What are your payment methods?


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  • Jshea7432

    You keep on reporting my Master Card is empty but this is wrong.  I checked with my bank and they are puzzled too why you would say this.  They also have no international retrictions.  What is going wrong?  It;s on your end and not  on tjhis end even though you keep on telling us it is on our end.  You have a prble and should look into it as my bank confirms I am all set to go.  You keep om just sending the same message wirthout any research on your end or looking into what could be your problem.  Call me at 1+617-306-1944 so we can get to the bottom of this.  This is then first time this has happened ro me.  You do not seem to be helping.  Jim Shea 

    Please do not send me one of your robo messages.  They do not help.  


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