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What about my 20% returning customer bonus? NOTE: It's now 20 PILLS, not PERCENT



  • Samantha Angeline

    Hi. Does this mean instead of 20% returning customer bonus when order waklert that it will be just bonus of 10 pills? And if so will the bonus be waklert or just modalert pills as bonus? Thank you.

  • ModaMike

    @samantha It will be 20x pills of Modalert by default. If you want Wak, you need to contact support before they export the order to be processed. If you miss that for whatever reason, you'll have to be ok with the Modalert. 

    I'm working on a more flexible way to do this, but 'automation' was being pushed frequently by customer feedback.

  • Kevin S

    Hope all is well.
    Mike, I’ve been a client for 2+ years. And I am grateful for to have found your site, and I’ve never had any problems. Also your customer service is always, 100%, spot on! Thank you.

    I will say that I was surprised when the returning customer changed... so drastically.

    However, I always thought “wow, that’s a big bonus for return customer” and I also thought “wow, they have a bonus all. That’s generous”. So first, thank you!

    But I have to say that the price increases of pills we are seeing (over past year) and the drop of the return customer bonus, compared to pill cost on your end, well I was wondering if ... actually I’ll stop here.

  • amber roys

    i am super disappointed. the tracking number on my receipt email has been delivered to DUBUQUE, IA. the address on my account is ALABAMA. plus i can’t find my order on my account. all i have is an email and a charge on my credit card. and a confirmation that someone else signed for my package. sad :/

  • momand925

    I ordered twice with you guys and didn't get my bonus even though I put it in notes that I was a returning customer :(

  • Ahryon Gheyssarieh

    I've done it before but now i cant remember, do I add the 30 pills in my cart for the "30 FREE Pills on orders over $150" and you guys will subtract the difference or how does it work exactly.  Thank you.

  • Awesome

    The bonus pill are not being added smh something wrong with the website basic they can't add my bonus pills that I have to order more to get my bonus but if they couldn't add it to this order how do I know they're going to be able to add it to next door

  • G33na

    After reading comments, I'm so hesitant to order, unless it's through PayPal. If it is, then good, I can get my money back if this fails.

  • momand925

    I have always received my bonus pills.

  • Barbara Hansen

    I've been a BuyModa customer for 2 years, and my first-year orders did not include my bonus pills as I was ordering and paying as a 'guest'. Then, I realized I needed to establish an account that shows proof of returning orders. When ordering, you must be logged into your account to receive bonus pills as a returning customer. 


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